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Zone 1. Making it pretty.

Before Excel really starts to scare you, we will start by making it look less sinister.

Download Example 1

To make this table look pretty, we are going to use the format tools. The first thing we can add is borders and we can do this by finding this button (Borders). It looks the same in most versions of Excel so it should be easy to find. Select all the data and then click the dropdown menu on the borders button. Then click all borders.

Then we can add some color. We do this by going to the cell fill button. (cell fill) Select the cells you want to color and then click the dropdown menu on this button and select a color.

Now lets do two at once. Click a randon cell on your table. Then press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard. Click another cell. Keep holding that button. Then go up to the cell fill button and select a color. Both cells now change color.

As you can see, part of my title is hidden. I can fix this by using the Merge and Center button. (merge and center). I select the whole top cells above my table and click this button. What should happen is all the cells I select become one cell, which has my title.

In my table, there is also a cell that had data hidden. To fix this, Im going to have to do a long process. I right click on the cell and select Format Cell. Then I am looking for the Wrap Text tool and this is in different locations for different versions of Office.

Finally, my last column doesnt fit all the data. This can be fixed though. If I double click the line between the two colums, it will resize it automatically for me. I could also click and drag this line to resize the column.

Format Basics Zone Finished.

Example 1